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Team Sketch
Game : League of Legends League of Legends
Level : Gold Gold
Website : https://di.community/refer/44114/
Nation(s) : United States United States
Recruitment offer(s) :
> (Gold)


Team Sketch is part of a gaming community called DamageInc. We have built many competative LoL teams that have won prized tournaments and found massive success in climbing the ranked ladder as well.


We are now forming our 3rd Gold and Below NA LoL team that will dominate all tournaments. If you are a committed player that would like to get better at LoL while winning tournaments, this is the team for you.


What we offer:

-Diamond+ Coaches

-Committed Teamates that also duo que frequently

-Practice Schedule

-Invitational Tournaments w/ Prizes (exclusive)

-An organizer that has played on esports teams

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