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Bunch Of Mad Bastards Any Skill
Game : Heroes of the storm Heroes of the storm
Level : Unranked Unranked
Website : https://www.bunchofmadbastards.com/
Recruitment offer(s) :
> 99 Players (Unranked)


Hi All 

My name is Danny i am the current Admin for BomB, we at BomB are looking for new members/teams for our upcoming esports divisions, at the moment we are a small org but are wanting to become a house hold name. We have great staffing and small but  great community behind us and want to build on that. Bunchofmadbastards was founded in May 2019, we aim to provide a platform to allow gamers to relax find new friends with ease, we hope to be able to support all games and gamers. We hope to be able to make you feel like part of a community and not just another member on a list. so if your just a player looking for a community or a team looking to grow i believe we are what your looking for 

What Is Required

1. Working Headset 

2. Speaks fluent English

3. Friendly 

4. Positive attuide


6. 16+


What we can offer.

1. A website 

2. Discord

3. Coaching staff

4. Sponsors 

5. Amazing admin staff


If you believe this is what you or your team are looking for please feel free to add me on discord at Danny#9420

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