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Gold Team
Game : League of Legends League of Legends
Level : Gold Gold
Recruitment offer(s) :
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[EU] Looking for Staff/Players that want to manage or coach**

**What are the perks to joining?**
- We're an established eSports org ready to bust into more pro/semi-pro scenes
- Most active member at the end of the year gets a free $2k pc
- We'll actually have a schedule for you instead of just saying "hey can you hop on now?"
- We plan on getting coaches for each team! (have to get some players first though)
- Possible Acedemy for players looking to go pro
- We have sponsors! Twitch.tv/Discord
- Plenty of friendly people and fun events to take part in!
- Free coaching

**There is literally 1 requirement**
-Be active on our forums and teamspeak

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