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Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Level : Distinguished Master Guardian Distinguished Master Guardian
Website : https://influxesports101.wixsite.com/influx
Nation(s) : United Kingdom United Kingdom
Recruitment offer(s) :
> (Master Guardian Elite)


Team name: i n f l u X

Contact Persons: @ZIXIZ [EU] http://steamcommunity.com/id/influXZIXIZ/

Region: EU

Announcement: We are an EU Based eSports Team Competing in Multiple Competitions and Tournaments in a Variety of Games.

We are currently looking for 3 players who are dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic in game and out of game.

Please read the requirements below to know if you are what we are looking for...



- We need an IGL who is a good Rifler

- Must be DMG - GE / ESEA Rank - C+ or Faceit lvl 4+

- Must be 18+

- MUST be dedicated, passionate and enthusiatic about the future of this organisation and team

- Speak English Fluently / Good communication skills

- Willing to go to events as a team

- Available to spend at LEAST 4 hours everyday as a team (practice) to succeed and thrive in CS:GO eSports.


What it entails:

- You will practice everyday to become the best.

- You will motivate each other not bring yourself and your teammates down if they do something wrong / You are there to help each other get better and develop

- You will go to tournaments and events with the Team at later stages so you must be ok to travel

- You will be passionate and dedicated to the Team and the Organisation as a whole (NO 2 TEAMING etc)


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