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Game : Dota 2 Dota 2
Level : Unranked Unranked
Website : http://bayonet5.esportsify.com/


Website: http://bayonet5.esportsify.com/
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/6Vasexd

Bayonet5 is a newly established multigaming community (est. 2017) that provides different clans with the necessary assets to run their community successfully. 
We provide players with a laid back community hub for gaming making sure our clans are taken care of. We are not an esports community, so we can't provide you with additional assets such as salaries and products and we don't expect our clans to participate in tournaments. 

If you are a player who wishes to create his own clan, we are willing to help you.
If you are a clan leader and wish to be part of a bigger community, contact us.
We provide clans that join us logos, twitch overlays, ts3 server, discord server for the entire community moderated, website team presentation for free.

For enquiries, email at bayonet5gaming@gmail.com


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