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Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Level : Distinguished Master Guardian Distinguished Master Guardian
Nation(s) : Sweden Sweden
Netherlands Netherlands
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Germany Germany
Austria Austria
Denmark Denmark
Finland Finland
Norway Norway
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> (Distinguished Master Guardian)


Welcome to NogginPopper! 

We're a faceit mixteam looking for players. Our goal is to always play a full 5-man every night. 

Currently there's 15 people on the team, so we usally split up into two different teams every night. 

If you're looking to expand your friend group, or meet new friends and are willing to improve with us, you're very welcome to add me on steam! Comment on my steam profile so that I can separate you from scambots. 

This is not a serious team. It could be if you and the others agree to it. Our main goal is to have fun and win while climbing up the faceit ladder. 


Fluent in English

Be atleast lvl 2 on faceit

Have atleast 1k hours in CS

Minimum DMG lvl of skill (its okay if you recently deranked) 

Know basic utility usage on the top 4 popular maps (mirage, inferno, dust2, overpass) 

Not afraid of communicating


Not toxic

Live in Europe

My steam (comment on my profile before you add me)

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