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Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Level : Master Guardian I Master Guardian I
Nation(s) : United States United States
Recruitment offer(s) :
> (Gold Nova III)


face it LEVELS 3 - 6 or nova/mg1 players

How I’m recruiting for my team


The way I run my team

Leadership, I have the final say on calls, what I say we execute, I don’t go back and forth

Teammates, if our teammates have a bad K/D or bad aim or bad game sense,

We try to find what they're the best at and use that to help us win.

We don't kick players based on bad aim or K/D. Aim and k/d aren’t what makes teams win, its teamwork

3. Schedule, we have to discuss personal life. I need to know if you actually have time to play this summer and even more important, do you have determination to play all summer.

4. Personality, is big for me I like anime, ball(i'll drop 30 on you), rdc world, youtube, watching a light amount of pro csgo matches, bitches, other fps games, other sports, money, learning to how make money on twitch and youtube, only add me if you like some of these.

and are at least 20 years old

5. Practice, I don't do team practice how most people do it [ go into private lobby > run strats . then go in a pub and execute strats ] I like to build chemistry and rapport first

Instead [ we play the same map(mirage) for 100 matches against other prebuilts > call and run starts > to develop our team profile(individual habits put together), > and improve that way.] Keep it real, who hops on csgo and the first thing they do is practice? The first thing I do and most people our level do is hop right into a game, so that’s what we'll do, and we just have to practice while in that game.

6. Age and Maturity, you have to be at least 20 and you have to understand subconsciously

the rules to team development and the importance of persistence

If you took the time to read all this you're invited to the team and you agree, add me

on discord, and tell me your favorite anime and a fire scene.

discord sergiokitchens#1567

the recruiting by _doxxic

0.0 only play ranked matches, only play against other prebuilts no pick up games

0.1 make your teammates feel comfortable to get their best play

0.2 if your teammates are nervous in tryouts you'll never be able to see their talents

0.3 in our level (3-5 or nova/mg1 players) everyone has one (aim, movement,game sense, flashes/awp, strats calling)

no one has more than one, if someone on your your team has terrible rifle aim,game sense and movement, they'll probably crazy good with the awp, i bet if you encourage them you'll find their true skill in another area

0.4 For leaders and teammates, you have to encourage each other and have optimistic outlook on your team

There can only be one leader

- problem 1 I ran into is when I join a team from the recruit pages and think I found my perfect teammates, we run into

- the IGL calls a strat and the team half heartedly carries it out, or does a completely different thing entirely.

- this relates to my later points 5 [practice],6 [age maturity], and 7 [more on practice]

- players have to understand that every ranked match we play is practice, and when you're in practice you have to be focused

- you have to do things you don't want to do, like follow the IGL strats or swap sites, this is how we build consistency, and habits.

- Players have to be mature enough to understand the rules of team improvement.

2. Having a weak leader/teammate or teammates (relates to point 0.3 and point 6)

- problem 2 i ran into is having a weak leader

- a weak leader will have a few bad calls or have a bad K/D and stop calling plays or worse stop analyzing the game

- a weak leader will also try to force strats or force players to play in the wrong spots

- especially if his K/D is bad, his teammates won’t respect him or his calls, this is why so important to understand what other areas your teammates are good in.

- this point relates to both leader and teammates, everybody on the team is the best at something

- maybe one guy has an amazing shot, it makes sense for him to drop 30 every game.

- if another guys is amazing at flashes or calling strats(IGL) it make no sense for them to drop 30

- if they go negative with a bad adr, then we have to look at utility and nade damage and there flashes , and intangibles

- nades could've helped mr 30 bomb to get so many easy kills

- again your teammates have to mature to understand K/D or aim isn't that important

3. Schedule of the team

- a lot of times, and I have been culprit to this, teammates don't get on consistently, they say they can play everybody but never end up playing a lot

- it's impossible to get consistent chemistry going because everyone moves in and out

- you have to ask your teammates about their life, to see if they can actually play everyday

- a lot of the times I would join team and we would start playing, with no real knowledge

about the others personal life, and schedule

4. Personality

- personality plays a big role of creating a team

- if teammates can't truly joke freely and often with each other then it's not a good fit

5. practice practice practice

- many teams like to go into a offline matches and run plays, I've always found this boring asf.

- most level 3-5 and nova/mg1 players start csgo, "maybe" warm up for 5 minutes and start playing

- don't expect anyone of us in this range to get up and go to a "scheduled practice", if we could do that we wouldn't be in the lower levels

- what we do instead is practice while playing

6. Age and maturity (important segway between 5 and 7)

- this directly relates to practicing

- when you guys are practicing while playing, its take focus for length of the game

- here the main objective is improve every game not necessarily win, though i'm trying to win every game fytb

- you have to play with people older enough and mature to flip the switch when its game time and focus

- everyone has to be willing, to run what the IGL says, they have be comfortable with attempting to playing uncomfortable spots

- they have to be willing to sacrifice some freedoms, of doing their own thing in game, to try team strats

7. More on practice

- with practice I like to play the same map over and over(to build consistency and habits)

- obviously you add new maps but later, I like to play 100 games of the same map with a new team

- this is a bit boring, but since im playing csgo its kinda fun at the same time

- what this system does, is allow you guys to develop chemistry, relationships, and timing

If you took the time to read all this you're invited to the team and agree, add me

on discord, and tell me your favorite anime and a fire scene.

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