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Invictus eSports (FEMALE)
Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Level : The Global Elite The Global Elite
Nation(s) : Finland Finland
Slovakia Slovakia
Poland Poland
Belgium Belgium
Germany Germany


We are Invictus eSports (Full Female Team) currently looking for our last member.

Our goals are to practice together, play tournaments, leagues and qualifiers and hit the female pro league together!

We are looking for a motivated person with our same goals and who would want to achieve this with us!

Our current lineup: iLLuZi0Nz: IGL and Aggresive Entry Fragger (3.4k+ hours), previous team experience and tournament experience.

(Finland) Nikky: Rifler / Support (7k+ hours, level 7 Faceit), previous team experience, tournament and lan experience. (Slovakia).

Nati: AWPer / Support (5k+ hours), previous team experience, tournament, lan and katowice qualifiers experience. (Poland)

Kitten: Rifler / Support & Second Caller (4.1k+ hours), previous team experience, tournament and lan experience. (Belgium)

We're looking for any lady either from Europe or Russia, who is able to speak English, can take criticism and non toxic. Previous team experience is a plus.

We have a coach, private game server, Discord and TS server.

Please, only serious and motivated people. Interested add me on Discord at Masha#6907.

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