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Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Level : Distinguished Master Guardian Distinguished Master Guardian
Nation(s) : Canada Canada
United States United States


Team Name: Paroxity

Region: NA-EAST


My goal: I am a 15 year old player who is looking to make a serious and hard-working team in order to work in a team environment in order to achieve the high ranks/levels. 


A little about me: I am a 15 year old player who has played for 1.5 years with nearly 2.1k hours, I was hard stuck at gold nova 1 for 1.5k hours when I was on geforce now csgo, throughout the year and half I have been consistently playing 3-8 hours of csgo everyday and half of it being in aim practice.





I currently need 4 players(fresh new team): 


An entry fragger, a lurker, an awper, a support.

A Friendly and Non-Toxic Player who is willing learn and improve from their mistakes

MGE-LE or faceit lvl 4-6, must show that they are able to hold their rank in games.

Age: 14+

Be motivated and willing to practice on their own time on aim, nade line-ups, etc.

Take every game serious and learn from mistakes. 




Time requirements: 


I am looking for people who play at around my time which is 3-9pm at weekdays, I understand that you may have to go off for important businesses but if you can't have a consistent time schedule with the right time then it won't work out well for the whole team. 




Message me with the following: 


Your Rank:

Your In-Game Role:

The reason you want to Join the Team:        (optional)

The time you can play:


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