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Okami Pack
Game : League of Legends League of Legends
Level : Platinium Platinium
Nation(s) : Finland Finland


Okami Pack eSports (I know you just fell in love with our name) We are looking for long term players and players who are serious on improvement. we will at first mostly play flexQ together to bond, build teamplay and also have a team ready for Clash events. Once the team is stable, it will be time to try our luck on tournaments websites like battlefy.com or toornament.com. We can even imagine that later we’ll be able to stream our games on Twitch and grow an audience, while also building the popularity of each of our players. That’s why I’m currently looking for players and based on your profile, I think you should apply and join the adventure! You can add me on discord (Karmaister#0652 or Clawst3r#1377).

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