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Nioka eSports
Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Level : Legendary Eagle Master Legendary Eagle Master
Nation(s) : Finland Finland
Sponsor(s) : Nioka eSports


CSGO Mixed gender team based in Finland with the motivation to get into a pro scene, looking for a 5th player. 

How our team operates: We practice 5 days a week, from Monday to Friday, from 5pm Helsinki time zone to 22pm. He do dry runs, practice strats and tacs, defaults, scrim and watch + review demos. Our team also plays once or twice a month Faceit Tournaments and on weekends we usually just play pugs. 

We do play esportal tournaments as well, and are aiming for next season esea open league. 


Average hours in our team 3k+, 6k+, 8k+ and 9k+.


What we're looking for:


-Dedicated and motivated people

-Player with good communication (has a microphone

-Willing to improve individually and as a team

-Non toxic, non sexist, non racist. Someone who can accept being a GENDER MIXED TEAM.

-Can speak English.


People interested add to Discord Masha#6907


We accept both female and male players.

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