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Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Level : Master Guardian Elite Master Guardian Elite
Website : www.twitter.com/medievalonigg
Nation(s) : United States United States


MedievalONI is a former eSports Organization that is being started back up by the official owner and myself. This is a CS:GO exclusive team
meaing that the only members will be CS:GO players. MedievalONI is looking to form an official team who would like to compete in FACEIT and ESEA tournaments along with members to
grind FACEIT and ESEA Pugs with. MedievalONI does have and official merch store which is just a perk of being part of the team. You can check that out below.


NOTE: This is not an eSports organization anymore, we are strictly looking for CS:GO players
who want to be part of a team that can help each other grow and compete in tournaments.


| What we expect from our players |

- The ability to communicate clearly, fast and effectively with good English ability.
- The ability to keep cool in most situations.
- Be able to take respectful criticism and learn to adapt to other players style of play.
- Be confident and work as a team.
- Flexible in-game and capable of taking up necessary roles.
- Be active minimal of 4 days a week.
- Be able to attend practice 3-4 days a week.
- Be respectful! Do not tilt or be toxic!

| Requirements |

- A Rank of MG2+ / Faceit LVL 5+ / ESEA Rank B- or higher / (Looking for FACEIT and ESEA Grinders)
- FACEIT or ESEA Account
- Available 3-4 Days a week
- 1.5k+ hours
- Minimum Age of 17

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