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OMONEA eSports
Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Level : Supreme Master First Class Supreme Master First Class
Website : https://discord.gg/76XV9h3eM5
Nation(s) : Portugal Portugal
Recruitment offer(s) :
> 5 Players (Master Guardian I)


We are a group of friends that decided to start a community focused on Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Our goal is to gather players that have a touch of individual skill and show them how their individuals can perform within an organized competitive team. We are flexible and we don't want to rush into competition so, above all, we are looking for people that are ready to grow together within a team until they are tactically capable of competing in different environments like open qualifiers or tournaments of that sort.

Having that said, and after witnessing friends that tried but were never offered the chance, we decided to create a female team where the players are given time and guidance. The chances offered to female players are limited and, well, infrastructure wise we are not that safe haven either. But, instead, we offer patience and actual will to help and guide you through a path of apprenticeship and skill development. And that's why we're looking for girls that play the game but never really had a guide to help them make that extra step and have a more competitive sense to their gameplay. We have people that know the game and the scene, from the top tier to the lower tier of CSGO, and we want to help you, along with 4 other teammates, to find your own way of playing an efficient, fun, but, most of all, competitive and organized Counter Strike.

If you're up for that, hit us up! On the other hand, if you just want to make part of a community and know new people, we are here for you as well and we have the space to receive you.

We are based in Portugal but we accept anyone from Europe


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