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UltraViolet ESports
Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Level : Master Guardian II Master Guardian II


Hello, I am UV_Ph03n1x, Owner of UltraViolet ESports! We are currently looking to open a new team for our CS:GO Division! As a CS:GO Team Member under UV, you will be provided with:
 - A supportive community in a growing server of 100+ members
 - Access to Skybox demo reviewing tools
 - A private team practice server
 - Media promotion on a 200+ follower affiliated Twitch
 - Full Payment into ESEA Leagues and other Leagues the team is participating in

We are currently looking for players with the following requirements to join the team:
 - NA (Preferably East or Central), English Speaking
 - 17+ years of age
 - Level 7+ on FaceIt and/or B and up on ESEA
 - Must be able to commit to the team and aim to evolve and improve
 - No Toxicity and Sportsmanlike

If you are interested in joining the team and feel like you are a good fit, please join the UltraViolet ESports Server at https://discord.gg/jQBQfeJ and DM me @UV_Ph03n1x#8211 to get started!

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