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Nordic Battle Teams (NBT)
Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Level : Legendary Eagle Legendary Eagle
Nation(s) : Norway Norway
Sweden Sweden
Denmark Denmark
Finland Finland
Recruitment offer(s) :
> 3 Players (Master Guardian I)


Hello there! We are hoping you are having a fantastic day!


I am the representitive of Nordic Battle Teams (NBT for short) We are a team that are currently in rebuilding and looking for a new roster.

The players we are looking for MUST be of Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic or Danish Nationality.


We need:

1) one AWPER,

2) Two Riflers,

3) One Supportive player (the person that trades kills and likes to play very passive. Also flashes in teammates etc.)


We are looking for strategically smart players, so Aim is not the focus, because aim is easy to improve, while gamesense... not so much.

You also need to speak decent, understandable english.

Rank can be anywhere from MG 1 and up, but if you are a good GN player, we will accept you for a tryout.


If you are interested in joining the team, Join THIS Discord server for a tryout;

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