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Emerald Dracaena
Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Level : Legendary Eagle Master Legendary Eagle Master
Recruitment offer(s) :
> 255 Players (Legendary Eagle)


Welcome to Emerald Dracaena, the fourth rank unit of Team Dracaena.

Team Dracaena is a brand new team in the making, consisting of 5 rank units:

  • Black Opal Dracaena (reserved for Silver ranks)

  • Ruby Dracaena (reserved for Gold ranks)

  • Amethyst Dracaena (reserved for Master Guardian ranks)

  • Emerald Dracaena (reserved for Legendary Eagle ranks)

  • Blue Diamond Dracaena (reserved for Supreme Master and Global Elite ranks)

Join as players, leaders, trainers, team and forum moderators, graphic designers, and much more.

Membership guidelines:

  • Emerald Dracaena is open for CSGO ranks Legendary Eagle and Legendary Eagle Master.

  • Minimum age is 16 years or older.

  • Minimum 500 hours playtime.

  • English language and mic use in-game is required.

  • Fair play...no smurf or private Steam accounts.

  • Cheating and griefing in anyway will not be tolerated.

  • Inactive members may be removed.

  • Voice chat required in-game.

  • Messaging app required (Skype/Whatsapp).

  • VoIP app required (Discord/Teamspeak).

Player Etiquette:

  • Be friendly.

  • Play serious.

  • Have fun.

  • Build each other up.

If you are interested to help build and grow the team, make sure you meet the above requirements and submit an application:

  • Age.

  • Location.

  • Current CSGO rank.

  • Current CSGO playtime.

  • Steam profile name or link.

  • Speak english fluently?

  • Other languages?

  • What role are you interested in (player, leader, moderator, designer, etc.)?

  • What player role are you interested in (entry fragger, support, in-game leader, awper, lurker, coach, playmaker, secondary awper)?

  • Are you currently part of another CSGO team? Which one(s)?

  • Any issues using Skype or Whatsapp between members?

  • Are issues using Discord or Teamspeak between members?

  • What is your availablity to play or be involved?

  • Why you would like to join Team Dracaena / Emerald Dracaena?

  • Why did you choose the role(s) you selected?

  • Provide information regarding any previous experience you have in these roles that may contribute to the teams creation and growth.

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