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FTL Network
Multigaming : FTL Network
Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Level : The Global Elite The Global Elite
Nation(s) : United Kingdom United Kingdom
Ireland Ireland
Recruitment offer(s) :
> 5 Players (The Global Elite)


Our Team

We are currently looking for a roster to represent our team in several upcoming tournaments, A few amateurs and of course ESEA Season 33.


  • The roster must contain a minimum of 3 English/Irish players.

  • All of our players must be mature.

  • All of our players must be dedicated to the team.

  • All of our players must attend training or matches, However, if the manager of the team is given enough warning we will try to find a replacement.

Other Information:

  • The organisation will attempt to cover all entry fees, However, we cannot guarantee it.

Our Goals

Our primary goal for our CS: GO team is to start a revolution in the British/Irish Counter-Strike scene. By 2025 we want to be the first British/Irish CS:GO team to qualify for a Valve Sponsored Major. We also want to help other teams in the same region to achieve the same goal. 

We understand that a huge amount of teams have attempted this and failed. This is an incredibly hard goal to accomplish, And it will be a very difficult journey. There will be lows, There will be highs. We are putting a lot of time, effort and money into this project and we would be honoured to receive your support.




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