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Glitch Clan [NEW] [All Players Accepted]
Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Level : The Global Elite The Global Elite


Our members possess great knowledge of the game, have a great joy, and love to explore and discover new things all the time. Together we share partnerships with each other and are constantly trying to come up with new goals and develop.

We release sometimes weekly and monthly information under clan information, where we share news about the game, tips and tricks. We are also involved in the CS:GO community with streaming, forum and posts.

A brief description of the majority of our members:

We have a wide variety of players:
normal softcore, season softcore, hardcore and competitive

Members requirements:

# Active & progress oriented 

# Main class

# Friendly and respectful
# Great knowledge about your class and the game
# Progress intressted
# TeamSpeak activity
# All abilites accepted*

#Absolutely no Botting !!


If you are interested join the discord server:


Remember this a new start up clan and all team members will go through a trial period and should be able to play at least 50% of all training and competitive games.

*all players are accepted into the clan but the competitve team is skill based and there 5 spaces with one reserve player.

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