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CheckYour6 (Placeholder Name)
Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Level : The Global Elite The Global Elite
Nation(s) : United Kingdom United Kingdom


Hi guys, we are a group of 3 friends who have previously competed in ESEA season 27 and we’re looking to form another new team.

We have learnt from past experience where we went wrong and are planning to stick to our guns when it comes to recruiting new players. We’re currently looking for an IGL.

The IGL role we’re looking for is some who has a loose style of calling. We don’t want just simple calls like Rush B etc. We’re looking for someone who is looking to run basic tactics with the ability to changed and altered on the fly. More emphasis on timing and communication. Once we’ve formed the solid ground work with an established 5 man roster we’ll look where we will progress from that point.

What we’re offer are,3 stable players who have been friends for quite a while and have solid in game chemistry and communication, these two attributes are KEY to being a member of the our team. We don’t rage at one another in game and we expect the same from anyone who joins, if you’re someone who doesn’t like criticism then this isn’t the team for you.

We have a server for prac, TeamSpeak and a WhatsApp group chat.

What we want from you:


Fluent in English



Good attitude

The Drive for improvement

Good communication

What we offer:

A stable team which has been built and ready to go.

Determined and the want to improve

Friendly atmosphere and nontoxic communication

TS3 Server

128 Tick Server

Stranbook constantly being improved

Training on improving timing and teamwork

Always having someone to pug or wingman with

If this sounds like something you’re interested in get in touch with me here.


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