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Levitate Esports
Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Level : Supreme Master First Class Supreme Master First Class
Website : https://twitter.com/LevitateESP
Nation(s) : United States United States
Sponsor(s) : https://twitter.com/TheRogueEnergy, https://twitter.com/KontrolFreek
Recruitment offer(s) :
> 1 Players (Supreme Master First Class)


Central US based Levitate Esports is looking for one last player to complete our roster!As of now, we have 4 dedicated players ready to compete in ESEA Open and prepare for Season 31.

Our team consists of ESEA A~ rank players. We don't play much Faceit.

Role Availability in order of importance.
- Entry
- Support/Playmaker

What we're looking for in a player.- 18+/Mature- Willing to put in the time to improve both individually and together as a team.- Mostly open evenings/Few consistent scheduling obligations.- Must like having fun.- Not super important right now, but in the event we qualify for LAN, you must be able to attend. (Within Reason)

If interested, please send a brief description of yourself and your roles to Venom#9212 on Discord and we can setup a tryout time/date.
My Steam account: https://steamcommunity.com/id/thevenom270


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