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Valhalla Gambol
Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Level : Distinguished Master Guardian Distinguished Master Guardian
Website : https://discord.gg/VbhCJKk
Nation(s) : United States United States


In Norse mythology, Valhalla is a majestic, enormous hall located in Asgard, ruled over by the god Odin. Chosen by Odin, half of those who die in combat travel to Valhalla upon death, led by valkyries, while the other half go to the goddess Freyja's field Fólkvangr.

1. run or jump about playfully.


Currently looking to fill 2-3 Roster slots - any position is avalible because current members can fill multiple roles. 

Current team members have 1500+ hours & Supreme/Team scrim experience. Just looking for solid players with similar experience to show up consistantly and get better as a team. We are signed up for ESEA season 30[Open] and we plan to play in other Faceit,Cevo,Razer tournaments in the coming months. 



Saturday: 7:30pm[PST] - 10:00pm[PST]

Sunday: 7:30pm[PST] - 10:00pm[PST]

Monday: 7:30pm[PST] - 10:00pm[PST]


IF you have any further questions please contact me on discord or via email -  Alaskacarpenter07@gmail.com

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