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Hellbent Esports
Game : League of Legends League of Legends
Level : Diamond Diamond


Hellbent Organization is an organization where players, coaches, analyst, and statistic recorders from any elo ,Iron-Diamond, with any experience may join to tryout. Players and teams will be given a try out and may even be put into a scrim vs other tryout players

Hellbent has an A team (Plat-Diamond), B team(Gold-Plat), and C team(Iron-Gold) all with substitute spots, so there is plenty of opportunity for players to be accepted into our LCS-like environment. Players who are accepted into our Org will get full access to our coaches, VOD reviews, discussion about the game, and much more.

We take this these tryouts and events seriously so we can find our best roster iterations for league entries, so please show us everything you have and prove that you deserve to be on one of our rosters.

Please add me on league Sam Wallace or on discord MrSamWallace#7837 so we can schedule you a tryout. 

Thank you to all the players, coaches, ETC that participate. I wish you all the best of luck



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