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Geeks Esports GG
Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Level : The Global Elite The Global Elite
Website : http://www.geeksquad-events.com / www.geeksesports.gg
Nation(s) : Netherlands Netherlands
Belgium Belgium
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Recruitment offer(s) :
> 2 Players (The Global Elite)


Hi everyone,

We from Geeks Esports GG have been founded since jan 2018 by multiple investors. We are currently looking for the last 2 players in our CSGO team 1 of the players and a reserve had the oppertunity to go higher in Fortnite and are now playing on different lan events for the organisation. Placed 3rd on last LAN event.

So what we are looking for is a highly skilled and motivated player, if you are a propper ingame leader that is a plus. Also someone that believes he or she has what it takes to become a professional gamer in CSGO.

Myself have played 1.6 for diverse teams known as Alternate Attax and c4urself .uk and we as an organisation have what it takes to push you in that direction, for becoming a professional athlete.

You will have a proper skilled coach that will guide you in becoming the best player and team you can become.

We will provide you with all your expenses for the upcoming Lan events your team will have a manager that will forfill your needs in the CSGO scene such as signing up for different tournaments, premium accounts on different esports sites.

We will provide you with the jersey of the organisation, and also training schedules will be made for the team for a solid foundation of the team. Basically Geeks Esports GG will provide everything for the players so they can focus on the game and dont have to worry about gettings sponsored or having to pay different events or doing al the signups.

If you are interested in applying for a position in the CSGO team or otherwise please feel free to contact me.

you can find me on discord on:


Kind regards, Paul H ( Fitgeekpaul )


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