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Multigaming : HXAGON
Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Level : The Global Elite The Global Elite
Website : https://twitter.com/hxagonGG
Sponsor(s) : LMC Graphics, PlankAndBurl, NorthCove


HXAGON is an EU based Esports organization that is primarily focused on FPS titles and currently fields teams in CS:GO and PUBG. We have been doing this for just over a year now, and have grown massively compared to the inception of the team.

HXAGON is more than just a esports organisation, we are a hub for like minded gamers to meet and compete against each other in a high skilled enviroment. We reach our market in a number of different ways, through our esport team, our servers, homegrown tournaments, youtube content, stream team and our social media activity.

The second goal is to provide the biggest hub for EU players. Ee want to provide servers in every game, top streamers representing our brand, the best players and the best content creators.

We all have our fair share of community experience, and we really want others to have the best gaming experience available. HXAGON was built with true passion for Esports while bringing professionalism, integrity and dedication to the playing field.



We are looking for either a full roster of 5 to join us or 5 individual players to play under our branding.


  • Age 18+

  • Willing to put in the effort into the team

  • Faceit Level 8 or higher

  • ESEA Rank of B or higher

  • 1,500 Hours Minimum

You will be competing in multiple tournaments including FACEIT, ESEA, CEVO, ESL.


Please apply here using this formhttps://t.co/cRza9yirAW


Please be aware this is not a paid position for the moment.


Social links:





Best regards,

HXAGON Esports


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