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PTC eSports
Game : League of Legends League of Legends
Level : Diamond Diamond
Website : http://ptcesports.com/
Nation(s) : Canada Canada
United States United States
Sponsor(s) : MSI; G2A; G Fuel; Hyper X
Recruitment offer(s) :
> (Diamond)
> (Diamond)


We are a professional League of Legends team, but we need players. If you are diamond or higher, please go to our website via this link http://ptcesports.com/contact or go to http://ptcesports.com/, and select "Contact" at the top right corner, then fill out the required information, and a small discription of yourself; alias, rank, how long you've been playing league, timezone, and preferred lane. If further qwuestions are needed we may conduct a small interview. We are serious about this, if we accept you, be prepared to sign contracts, commiting yourself to the team. Due to us being a new team,we are working out the bumbs along the way, so stick with us while we try our hardest to do so. If there are any specific ways that you would like for us to contact you, other than email, then please state it in the message you send to us. Thanks, to anyone who applies.


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