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Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Level : Legendary Eagle Master Legendary Eagle Master
Recruitment offer(s) :
> 4 Players (Legendary Eagle Master)
> 2 Players (The Global Elite)


Let me introduce myself first. I am Ferry 22 years old and i am from The Netherlands. I have played CSGO for a while now and i have currently 3400 hours in game time. Well that said, As Teamleader/Captain off GoldAhead i am looking for dedicated Counter Strike Players, That are motivated, Willing to win, learn from each other misstakes and maybe the most importent, to be nice to each other.

Requirments to join,

You are 16 Years or older.

You have played Counter Strike for atleast 1000 Hours.
You are a real team player and motivated to win.

You Rank is not that importent but you need to have a ceartin amount off skill.


You are From the EU and can speak english.

You can play atleast Three times a week 2x 2H Practice and one free evening to play Scrims, Faceit ,Tournements enz.

List off Roles,


Rifler: Closed


Entry/Captain: Closed




Sniper: Open


Support: Open


Team ambitions,

First we are looking for the right players. After that we try to let the team work together well. If that turns out well it is always a possibilty to play Proffesionel.


If you are Interessed you can apply below, Dont forget to mention your Age, Steam id, Your role example, Rifler, Awper enz,

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