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Konvict Gaming
Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Level : Silver I Silver I
Website : http://KonvictGaming.com


The International KG CSGO Group!

What is Konvict Gaming/KG

Firstly lets start off by stating KG is a shorthand for Konvict Gaming. KG is a multi-gaming clan which was founded several years ago.

We have many games to offer to the community, these games include but are not limited to CS:GO, DayZ, Diablo 3, Dota 2, Final Fantasy XIV, League of Legends, Minecraft, Path of Exile. Virtually any game you can think of, someone has played/is playing.

Within KG all these games have their own section. Each section has its own hierarchy with a mod leader and mods who are under him or her. The CS:GO section has a population of around 1500 Members. 


You need to be 16+


Have a positive attitude

Want to improve



The way KG accepts new members is via applications and trials. Once you make an application at www.konvictgaming.com you would get an answer and come onto our discord (link will be given to you on your application thread) and be set up as a trialist within KG. Trials last for 2 weeks and during that time you get feedback from people you play games with within the community.

Once the trial is over, you get your member status, which allows you to participate in tournaments and win prizes, get mentoring, partake in raffles, etc.

CS:GO Within KG

The CS section operates strictly within KG but with rules within CS. We work off the same trial system as explained above. 
Our CS section has a lot to offer. 

We have team tournaments which we hold for teams within KG to enter both for competitive CS and fun tournaments. 
We offer many servers to our teams for training and PUGs. Our PUG system is one of the pinnacle elements of the KG CS section. A PUG (pick-up-game) is where 10 random members in KG come together, we divide the teams 5v5 and we play. 

We have over 250 unique people who take part in PUGs every month. We hold several PUGs throughout the day, everyday. In the CS section we have our own in-house trainers. 
If you want to get better at CS we have people on hand to give you in-depth free training sessions and CS advice to help you to improve your game. We provide the numerous services outlined above completely free and our goal is just to become a place where we can house you guys and help you attain the goals you wish to achieve in CS.

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