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Damage Incorporated
Game : League of Legends League of Legends
Level : Diamond Diamond
Website : https://dmg-inc.com/
Nation(s) : United Kingdom United Kingdom
Spain Spain
Netherlands Netherlands
Germany Germany
France France
Portugal Portugal
Poland Poland
Sponsor(s) : Twitch
Recruitment offer(s) :
> 3 Players (Diamond)


Hello everyone,

I am Kote The Arcane (

We have 1 roster that needs a new toplaner specifically but there's plenty of other spaces on extra teams we can make.

If you want to become a part of our team and grow with us into becoming the best team we can possibly be there are some requirements:
-Willing to become a member of DI.
-Able to practice at minimum for: 6 hours a week, divided over 3 or more days.
-Have teamspeak.
-Be willing to work on yourself and the team as a whole.

Add me in game if you want to apply for one of our competitive teams.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Kote The Arcane.

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