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Damage Incorporated
Game : League of Legends League of Legends
Level : Unranked Unranked
Website : http://dmg-inc.com/
Nation(s) : United States United States
United Kingdom United Kingdom
South Korea
China China
Japan Japan
Netherlands Netherlands
Germany Germany
France France
Belgium Belgium
Brazil Brazil
Mexico Mexico
Finland Finland
Portugal Portugal
Italy Italy
Sweden Sweden
Spain Spain
Romania Romania
Sponsor(s) : Twitch, Nvidia & Snackmedia
Recruitment offer(s) :
> 200 Players (Unranked)


"Live Fast. Die Last."
Damage Inc was founded on 23 September 2012 with a proud history across multiple games and tournaments. Our members tend to stay with us for a very long time due to our amazing and vibrant community.

We are an organized and professional community with a member pool span of 700+ and growing each day; Active on the forums, teamspeak and games. With a branch system built around a militarized structure; We ensure that everyone is treated fairly, equally and with respect.

With games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Rust, Overwatch, Ark, PUBG, Fortnite, Rocket League and many more. Our multi-gaming community strives to become the best of the best, become well-known across the gaming industry. With eSports on the view we aim to succeed ourselves in the eSports Pro Gaming industry as we take on tournaments against other clans. Polishing our skills on a daily basis to ensure our competitive teams are prepared for any and all upcoming match-ups.

Damage Inc., also offers group & 1-on-1 coaching for players wanting to improve themselves in the games they enjoy. To ensure members have a good time while in our community we have casual and competitive teams so both sides of the coin can enjoy playing in the atmospheric-gaming they enjoy.

Our teams are divided in groups called "Divisions"; To learn more about Damage Inc community & divisions feel free to browse through our "About Us" link: DI "About Us"

Age Requirement to join Damage Inc: 15 and up.

  • Why? We intend to keep a strong, mature and conflict free community. Our community also has minor mature content not intended for children thus the age requirement.

Disclaimer: We do not discriminate any player based on their gender, color, ethncity, etc. This includes your skill (ELO) in any game; With the exception of our age requirement to join Damage Incorporated.

If you are intested in joining; Contact me through:

  • Steam: -DI- Nightcast

  • League of Legends: Nightcast

  • Discord: Nightcast#2198

When Applying; Type down the name "Nightcast" as your referral upon applying. Thank you!

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