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Created : 2019-01-31

Looking for a Sponsor

Name : Esports League South Africa
Game(s) :
Website : https://www.facebook.com/ELSALEAGUE
Remuneration : Possible


Good day,


We are Esports League South Africa, if possible at can we arrange a meeting?


We are going to host a series of tournaments, as well seasonal events to stimulate growth in South African Esports and get the nessacary exposure to put South Africa on a international level. Growing teams & players in a whole to prove their worth, we want to give amateur teams the chance to grow and make something out of it, as well as professional teams, push the boundaries and make their dreams come true.


We want to host a main Lan event for the seasonal qualifiers late this year and are looking for possible locations, sponsors & partnerships.

Currently we are located in Johannesburg, but we feel that its to centralized to have everything in one place and having such a big event at a different location can stimulate greater growth and accessibility for a lot of gamers, teams and gaming communities of all game genre’s.


Johannesburg has a good infrastructure regarding tournaments and events, we also feel that this trend needs to evolve and offer other areas in South Africa the same opportunity.


We hope our goal and vision is the same & we can all together achieve the same end goal.



Kind Regards,

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