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Created : 2018-12-08

Looking for a Multigaming

Name : CS:GO Team - Looking for an org!
Game(s) :
Remuneration : No



I'm Eduard "aranhaa" G., player and captain of a CS:GO team based in Brazil. We are a new lineup with big expectations.

I am making this post because we are looking for an organization to support us at the start of 2019 (if both parties enjoy the outcome of the partnership, we would be happy to continue representing the organization until the end of the year); we are looking for an established organization with a good structure to represent in Amateur tournaments, Community tournaments and Qualifier events. We intend to play in SA servers only this year but we could play a NA server event without a problem (If the host is good).

Without any further ado, let me introduce you to the team and its background.


- Eduard "aranhaa" G. 

- Nicolas "Nicolaspf" P. 

- Hélio "RTK" Lucas.

- Nathan "Baruk" Rodrigues

- Iury "Elwaan" Pereira

- Pedro Paulo "Anony" Miranda 


 - Felipe "LipeTNO" M.


- Nferno Gaming (2017): aranhaa, LipeTNO, Nicolaspf, Masterkill, Chris

- DVile.HyperX (2017): aranhaa, LipeTNO, Nicolaspf, coogu, Cont1

- Clairvoyance.GG (2018): aranhaa, LipeTNO, Nicolaspf, coogu, Cont1, crisy

- Decimate Yellow (2018-Currently...): aranhaa, LipeTNO, Nicolaspf, Baruk, Elwaan, Anony, rTk


1st - eXcalibur Events CS:GO Cup $5 #1 (as Clairvoyance.GG)

1st - Torneo CrossPlat Gaming CS:GO (as Decimate Yellow)

1st - QPLAN Fast Cup [21/12] (as Decimate Yellow) 

1st - FACEIT SA Points Cup (as Nferno Gaming and Decimate Yellow) [3x]

2nd - FACEIT SA Supporter Cup (as Clairvoyance.GG)

3rd - ESDB Season 1 (as Nferno Gaming)

3rd - ESDB Season 2 (as DVile.HyperX)

3rd - Northern Throne 1 (as Decimate Yellow)

4th - Dungeon Masters MiniCup #3 (as Clairvoyance.GG)

5th-8th - PIXED MiniCup #3 (as Clairvoyance.GG)

TOP 32 - CEVO Season 11 FREE (as Nferno Gaming) - [qualified to CEVO-AM but we couldn't play it because of lag issues, as CEVO is a service only available for NA and EU] <350+ teams signed up for this tournament>

TOP 32 - AORUS League Brazil Open Qualifier (as Clairvoyance.GG) - [played against top level teams in Brazil, lost in the Round of 32 to kNg's Virtue Gaming, known as one of the best lineups in Brazillian CS:GO]

TOP 32 - ESL - Brazil Premier League #2 Qualify (as Clairvoyance.GG)


As I previously mentioned, we are looking for an established organization with a good structure, and by that I mean that we want to join an organization with a professional attitude that can provide us, for now; media exposure (your organization should make an official announcement and should post our results regularly in the org's social media profile) and, if possible, the opportunity of working with an official sponsor (by that I mean the org should have AT LEAST 1 official sponsor.)

Those are our starting demands for the first semester of 2018, they are very low because we still haven't played any cup/tournament this year and we still want to know if we can replicate our results from last year (or even do better!).

For all those who are still reading, and, are interested in signing us; feel free to email me at aranhacsgo@gmail.com or to contact me via gaming-teams. Please, serious offers only.

Thanks for reading!

Eduard "aranhaa" G.

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