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Created : 2018-09-23

Looking for a Sponsor

Name : Pragmatic Esports
Game(s) :
Remuneration : No



We're Pragmatic Esports, and we're a CS:GO team. We're currently looking for a sponsor to provide us with a prac/scrim server, and to pay us entry into amateur online leagues.

We have a roster of 5 that are dedicated to improvement and participating in tournaments and leagues. 

Personally, i have competed in several amateur leagues:

  • APOGEE Summer Championship - 1st place

  • EEL Season 1 - 3rd/4th place

  • EEL Season 2 - 3rd/4th place

  • ESEA UK/IRE Premiership Div 2 Season 26

  • ESEA Open Season 26

With the pragmatic org, we have took part in many amateur tournaments and leagues. Some of the org's achievements include:

  • The Friendly League - 1st place

  • EEL Season 1 - 3rd/4th place

  • EEL Season 2 - 3rd/4th place

  • Pragmatic Development Cup - 1st place

  • CSAL League Season 3 - 2nd place

Within the coming weeks, we are scheduled to be taking part in EEL Season 3, with boasts a £75 prize pool.

Individually, we are all ranked level 6-9 on FACEIT, and we all have over 2000 hours ingame, and we are also commited to personal improvement, and team improvement.


If you're looking to contact me for further details, feel free to add me on steam, or message me on discord. (I most likely won't reply to messages on here, it's quickest to add me on steam).

Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/hazy_csgo/

Discord: Nathan #9816

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