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Created : 2018-09-12

Looking for a Team

Name : BWI Esports
Game(s) :
Website : http://www.bwigaming.com/
Remuneration : Possible


To keep it simple, we are looking for a high level team in ESEA intermediate or above to take on our name. In return we can aid in the cost of lan events/travel (down to negotiation) as well as getting the sponsors for you. We have a growing social media presence on twitter and Twitch as well as sponsorship decks ready to send out. 

As an organisation we have some must haves including wearing our merch/team shirts and helping with sponsorship promotions. Also we would require an estimate for full costings of lan events and travel /entry etc.

Unfortunatley for us our csgo team disbanded after loosing their knock out stage games as top seed for main promotion. This has left us wary of team mentality etc. If you could provide any information on roster changes and potential team disputes it is a possibility that we could help work it out. Please also let us know about practice times etc, and the ages of the team.

But What If is a new North American esports organization looking to recruit and grow players in a competitive and structured team environment.


We strive to work with and grow our players into top level teams through structure and providing them with opportunities and competing at the highest level.


We have a merchandise store, discord, website and are looking for a team to carry the name through to tournaments and e-sports events.


What do we offer?


We know you put a lot of time and work into csgo, so any winnings are yours to keep. We take sponsorship and merchandise sales as our cut. As we are new we are unable to offer a wage, but in the future we will.


Travel Costs for LAN events is negotiable


Free graphic design


Help with twitch streaming and exposure

Please get in contact with Squaids on the BWI discord 


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