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Created : 2018-09-02

Looking for a Sponsor

Name : Gaming in the Rhythm
Game(s) :
Remuneration : No


Right now we are casual team that is looking for something more. Team name has been around for some time now more than a year the only thing that has been changing is its player base. 

I as teams captain have been around since the start with around 20+ people history. We started strong and ready for the Open division when it 1st started but as time went by and finding no high success in the Open division the members sought other things in life, after that the team has highly reduced its standards.

We are looking for sponsor becasue I as captain think it will help motivate our current team members to play better and to aim for higher goals. For example Winning Heroes Lounge or Rejoining Open Division.

What we are looking for in sponsor right now is:

- Providing a Coach (atleast once per 2 weeks)

- Media outlet

- Providing graphical support

- Slight increase in popularity

What we Offer 

- Great start for new sponsor

- A stable team to support that exists for a long time

- Very minor publicity (on my teams personal stream)

- Access to our Teams discord

- A share of any type of money that is directed to the team cause


Our Schedule At the moment is playing at least 3 times a week (Scrims or Team League) for 2h - 2h 30min , starting around 20:30 CEST most of the playing days.

Since we are not tryhard at the moment our playing times are very dependant on our team member lifes. We all are working people that enjoy playing video games as a hobby but hope that we can earn money with this one day.

Once we get some kind of support from the outside we might rise our hopes.

Best regards,


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