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Created : 2018-06-18

Looking for a Team

Name : BWI Gaming
Game(s) :
Website : http://bwigaming.com/
Remuneration : Possible


But What If is a new North American esports organization looking to recruit and grow players in a competitive and structured team environment.


We strive to work with and grow our players into top level teams through structure and providing them with opportunities and competing at the highest level.


We have a merchandise store, dedicated private practice/scrim server and discord, website and are looking for a team to carry the name through to tournaments and e-sports events.


What do we offer?


We know you put a lot of time and work into csgo, so any winnings are yours to keep. We take sponsorship and merchandise sales as our cut. As we are new we are unable to offer a wage, but in the future we will.


Travel Costs for LAN events is negotiable


Free graphic design


Help with twitch streaming and exposure

Supported by