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Created : 2018-06-14

Looking for a Sponsor

Name : Need an Org
Game(s) :
Website : http://N/A
Remuneration : No


So, I suppose the best way to get started is to just give a brief overview of the team We've been competing for the better part of a year on CS:GO, we are a Collegiate team that branched out of the school to compete at lans all over our province ( Ontario, Canada ) as long as they were financially possible and we have started to compete in ESEA more seriously.

We are all over 19 and live in or around Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We currently represent Ryerson University's CS:GO Esport Team, we competed in CSL and AVGL. We played top 16 in CSL, after losing to a team that were later disqualified for having players that did not attend the school play for students that were originally on the roster. We had to forfeit our AVGL playoffs spot due to a lan conflict and an unfortunate timeframe that we could not meet to play in the playoffs.


For ESEA, we're a newly formed team. We have only competed in 2 seasons so far, we made it through open 13-3 with 1 being a forfeit loss. We forfeited our 2nd playoff match due to Final Exam conflicts ( Academic obligations as we are university students ). We moved onto IM this season and are currently 6-0 and are #1 in the conference. We are not new to the league experience, we have members who have played in MAIN as well as one who has played in MDL.


We also compete in various online tournaments, like the ones from swarmio.gg. These we did not take seriously as we wanted to have live tests of our strats against teams that were trying to win. We can and will be competing in them more seriously in the future.



1st @ LANWARX 2018 (s0ggy, N3XT, MASOR, Doofus, JOOF)

3rd @ Saints Gaming Live 2018 (s0ggy, N3XT, MASOR, Doofus, JOOF)

8-16th @ EGLX 2018 (atc, N3XT, Doofus, s0ggy, MASOR)


ESEA Profiles

TEAM PAGE : https://play.esea.net/teams/8707320

s0ggy - https://play.esea.net/users/1197308

JOOF - https://play.esea.net/users/2038155

MASOR - https://play.esea.net/users/563758

N3XT - https://play.esea.net/users/826975

DOOFUS - https://play.esea.net/users/1180220


We promoted the club through various means. We take pictures at our lan showing our sponsors and our jerseys promoting the brand and thanking them for the product. An example is Ryerson Esports is sponsored by GFuel and we took a picture which I have attached in the email that was used as promotional ads for the club which helped the brand and the sponsor. We place brands in our names in LANs as many players stream and we feel that is a great way to also promote the brands. I have also attached a stats page at our last lan (Saints Gaming Live) which show the players highlighted in blue.


We are willing to stream, and some of us do stream in our off time. We honestly just haven't streamed due to club obligations with Ryerson Esports. Currently 3 of us stream, although they are small streams. We typically have 20 concurrent viewers on the most active streamer. We can expand on this and seriously push it if it's something a sponsor wants.


If you have any questions or anything at all, please let me know. We are a dedicated team that will be pushing to advance to at least main, but aiming for advanced.


As to clarify for the Collegiate portion. Due to some of the players entering 4th year, we decided not to continue collegiate CS:GO due to the time management requirement it places on us, we have a desire to push ESEA and lans and we did not have the time for another year as a collegiate team. We parted ways mutually with the club and there are absolutely no hard feelings for this, we had sat down and discussed this and we told them our intentions to seek sponsorship(s) as we no longer can represent the club ( Ryerson Esports ) once we step down from the collegiate roster. 






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s0ggy#6435 - Discord



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