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Created : 2018-06-14

Looking for a Sponsor

Name : Mystic Vitality
Game(s) :
Website : http://none
Remuneration : No



Briefly about the team :

We are a new young eSport team that will fight for the victory in Heroes Lounge Div1 and for the Championship title. We are willing to become a top HotS team.  Boys practising everyday. We had the opportunity to play a sparring match with many teams. Our best results are to beat EPG or NSCE in pre-season friendly matches. 


The players are young and talented. In addition, they are also in the European ranking in Heroes League or Team League, some of them are already in the top ranks on leaderboards.

What our visions are for next season:


- 1st place in Heroes Lounge (HL) league season7

- Championship Finalists in HL s7

- Upper-Mid table in HGC Open Division

What our needs are :

- An outlet to help grow to the next level, such as jersey designed t-shirts
- Gear and products.
- Promotion through Media, content, articles and events. 
- Rewards for succeses. 
Exposure in e-sports. 

If you are interested at all - in the next e-mail I am able to send all our social media links (they are recently created) and profiles of players on the European ladder.

We will be really glad if you will be able to sponsor even one of our needs.


Kind regards,


Mystic Vitality manager

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