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Created : 2018-02-28

Looking for a Sponsor

Name : Typhoon Esports Looking for Sponsor/s
Game(s) :
Remuneration : Possible


"Typhoon Esports CS:GO" is a newly formed team/organisation based on CS:GO. The team/organisation is created on 27th of February 2018. We are loooking for an organisation to play under. Sponsor are also thing we look into.
Our goal is to win tournaments, and show the people that we are good at playing the game.

Business Inquiries - georgy.angelov02@gmail.com


If any sponsor wants to sponsor us contact me on my email or at Steam


We are currently getting a roster together. If someone wants to join you know the email.

Backstory: I am playing CS:GO since probably 2012-13. I've played for a lot of teams that disbanded because of inconsistency. So yesterday I decided to take the things in my hands. Me and a friend, who played with all those teams with me decided to make a team/organisation. He is the first player that was accepted and he is the one who manages the roster.

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