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Created : 2018-02-02

Looking for a Sponsor

Name : Versify eSports
Game(s) :
Website : http://Twitter.com/weareversify
Remuneration : No


Hi, my name is Irving Bodden, leader and founder of a highly influential, motivated call of duty organization. We are not only looking to create an impact in the gaming community, but to people all over the world.
We are extremely hard working, and dedicated individuals who won’t settle for anything less then our very best. We’ve decided to make this into our career and achieve great things some day. We are young adults looking to make an impact. It’s only a matter of time we reach our goals. Thousands of people around the world talking about our energy and enthusiasm, watching us grow into the men we said we’d become. It’s hard to believe it won’t happen because once we set our minds to something, there is no stopping us.
We’re just looking for help to get us there financially, and are willing to work over time for free if we have to, just to prove how serious we are.



please visit our twitter page. @weareversify


we have jerseys in place and a logo that will sure turn heads. We will be competing in multiple tournaments and stream daily with your products. We will NOT DISAPPOINT. I can guarantee you !




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