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Created : 2018-01-25

Looking for a Sponsor

Name : Fearless Team
Game(s) :
Website : http://No
Remuneration : Possible


Good day! My name is Misiukevich Kiryl. I am the representative of the ex-Kwanto team for the CS: GO discipline. We saw you are looking for a composition We decided to follow in the footsteps of the players of FC Dynamo Brest and try to find sponsors in this way. It is in this structure that we would like to work, develop as a team and develop game skills, bringing tangible benefits to the company. Now I'll tell you a little about the team. We are a Belarusian team, 4 people live in the city of Minsk, 1 person lives in Grodno. Each player of our team is in TOP-100 Belarusians on one of the most popular platforms (Faceit.com). Absolutely every player took part in LAN tournaments, some players and not 1 time. In the team there is a man who played on stage at the LAN tournament in Moscow - Acer GS Open S1. As a full-fledged team, we exist for 1-2 months. for this period of time managed to show themselves on various online and LAN tournaments. Last weekend in our country there was a LAN tournament in which we took part and took 5-6 place, losing to the main favorites - the GoodJob team. At the moment, our team has a high priority for training, establishing communication and team play. Every day we progress and become stronger. We set great goals, and to achieve them we need help, so we are looking for a "Roof over our heads." We are interested in serious work, on your part, and with ours. 

To begin with, I decided to write that we generally want from the organization, we do not demand wages and some big cash investments, all as far as the big results are not achieved. Of course, we would like to receive wages, sit and train on bootcamp .... But as practice showed such an organization is difficult to find.But at the moment we are able to compete in our country, so I would like to find a good organization, the mentality of organizations in our country is simple "We want to get a lot, but do not invest anything" so we are looking for a foreign organization. We are just as interested in your development as an organization, we want you to seek support, sponsors and other gadgets for the organization. Well Well .... What do we want? First of all it's a German server, we need to develop as a team and move forward, I would say this is the most important moment. T.k in our country LAN tournaments are not uncommon - these are shirts, it will show that you are serious and to some extent this is a PR for you and sponsors. Of course paying for tournaments, and of course we will need a coach. 

Sincerely, Misiukevich Kiryl

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