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Created : 2017-12-28

Looking for a Sponsor

Name : Team Native
Game(s) :
Website : https://twitter.com/Native_esp
Remuneration : No


Hello we are Team Native, players from various parts of Europe (Turkey, Lithuania, Russia, Denmark). We haven't achieved anything as a team just yet, as it is off season, but our players have played in their own national tournaments, leagues all of us ar at faceit lvl 8, esea ranks A. For the past month, we've been practising every-single day for about 3 or so hours. Our individuals have gathered to breakthrough to the semi-pro scene and to do so we need YOUR HELP. Our biggest concern is the lack of support playing in the esea league. We need to pay for the league fees and any support whether full or partial would be good enough. We can set-up a twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/sirdanny, which will stream our league games and if we are able to, the esea open season 27. If interested, please contact me at dainius.dauksa@gmail.com

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