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Created : 2017-12-18

Looking for a Sponsor

Name : Get-Gaming
Game(s) :
Website : https://get-gaming.net/
Remuneration : No



Our teams are operating in the top of the Benelux eSports-scene, and are on their way towards conquering a position within the European league as well as on a global scale. In 2017 our teams have done an excellent job by achieving great results which led to an overall top-3 rating at the various tournaments they have attended. In case you would like to look into more detailed information concerning all our achieved results, we kindly want to forward you to our website: https://get-gaming.pro


Because of their overwhelming success our CS:GO team received a direct invitation to a new tournament known as “Mijndomein Masters”. This specific tournament will be broadcasted through various media outlets such as Twitch as well as FOX Sports Channel. This tournament will take place from November 2017 until May 2018. The winner of this tournament will be rewarded with a guaranteed spot to participate in the WCA in China, where they’ll have to compete with the World’s Top players.


This year our Rocket League team dominated the Benelux region. Furthermore they’ve also been invited to attend another tournament which will take place in March 2018. This specific tournament will also be broadcasted on Twitch as well as FOX Sports Channel.

Currently our Rocket League team is well known within the Benelux scene, while extending their aspirations to compete on an international level. They want to achieve these goals by participating in every available European and World competition in order to place themselves on the international roadmap.


Concerning our Hearthstone team we can proudly announce that one of our star players “GG Theo” has recently been crowned as the Dutch Champion Hearthstone 2017.

Because of his great results he classified himself to compete in various international tournaments. GG Theo is also part of the Dutch national team. Currently they are taking the lead within the top of the World Championship League. This tournament alone stands for around 80 million views on Twitch and is closely being closely followed by gamers all around the world.


Our Overwatch team has proven that they are able to successfully compete in the top 3 of the Benelux scene. Overwatch is still a relatively new game and at this moment it's too early to predict how this game will evolve itself in 2018. We will be closely monitoring this game title.


In 2018 we will be presenting a new FIFA 2018 player who is already performing on a top level since 2012. FIFA is a very big name within the eSports scene which also consists of a huge player base with millions of active players.


During the next few years, there will be many more LAN, online and on location organised tournaments and competitions which our teams will attend.


What you as a sponsor can expect from us:

We will promote our sponsor on all our (6) websites. (left in footer)

Pictures, videos and streams and any other form of media and/or publicity such as social media will be presented with our logo and our sponsors logos.

Sponsor brand promotion on Shirts:

Primary sponsors): Promoted on backside, arms and chest with a big company logo.

Secondary sponsor(s): Smaller size logo on backside and chest

We can also provide promotion on baseball caps and/or hats. This prominent option is strictly reserved for our main sponsors only.


Get-Gaming eSports is an official part of the Get-Gaming Foundation.

Our foundation has been founded by ex-members from various well known Dutch gaming communities. We have created a safe haven for gamers from all backgrounds, and we maintain a proper policy which differentiates us from other gaming communities.

We loudly say “NO” against the well known “toxic game scene” and we also form a front against “online bullying”.

Our Foundation is a large growing community with more than 7500 active players.


As everyone already knows, the eSports market is growing rapidly and hence the interest in sponsors who want to jump on the bandwagon in this early stage in order to reach a larger audience to promote their company brand. The leading trend we've been observing for some time is that more and more leading brands are showing their interest in eSports which can currently reach millions of people worldwide. We and many companies are aware of the fact that these developments offer great commercial marketing possibilities concerning brand positioning on a large scale! Especially given the fact that the older “traditional media” is declining as a marketing tool and is currently giving away a huge market share to newer and more innovative forms of media such as online platforms and communities which attracts millions of viewers.

We from Get-Gaming would like to place ourselves on the worldmap within the highest ranks of eSports with you on our side.


With kind regards,

Get-Gaming Community


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