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Created : 2017-12-18

Looking for a Sponsor

Name : Team E-mpire
Game(s) :
Remuneration : No


We are Team E-mpire. The team has existed in one way or another since May 2016, and this roster iteration has existed for a few months now. We are ranked LE/LEM, and we currently take part in FaceIT cups, and we are currently participating in the EELeague (European Esports League), and the ISAT League.

We are looking for guidance and and org to help us achieve our aim of progressing in the Esports scene. We also have plans of creating a "B" team (An academy of sorts) to expand our name in the scene. We are also planning on taking part in more tournaments and competitions for further experience.

In exchange, we would be able to promote your brand, through our team participating in various leagues and tournaments, increasing exposure of your brand. Possibly, we may add your brand name to our steam names.

If you would like to get into contact with us, contact myself through my steam or twitter, both of which are linked below:



I look forward to talking with you!




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