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Gandu Ganja eSports

Looking for a team? Wanna rank up with other players? Join the Gandu-Ganja eSports™️ community https://gandu-ganja.eu/Discord

Founded : 2019
Website : http://gandu-ganja.eu
Nation(s) : Netherlands Netherlands
Belgium Belgium
Germany Germany
Luxembourg Luxembourg
France France
Spain Spain
United Kingdom United Kingdom
United States United States
Switzerland Switzerland
Australia Australia
Austria Austria
Poland Poland
Norway Norway
Finland Finland
Sweden Sweden
Canada Canada
Mexico Mexico
Game(s) : Counter Strike : Global Offensive League of Legends Heroes of the storm
Team(s) :
Counter Strike : Global Offensive Gandu Ganja eSports   Master Guardian I
Sponsor(s) : Q-moments.com


.Looking for a team? Wanna rank up with other players?
Join Gandu-Ganja  eSports™ now and find many new friends.

Faceit + Faceit Anti cheat + working mic and headset.
Actually sticking to the team, and not thinking about quitting or going AFK.
Be active and play with others.
You must know the spray patterns for the majority of the weapons(AK-47, SG-553, M4A4) or willing to learn them.
Speak and understand English
You must be 16+


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