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GoasHax ist ein Multigaming Clan!
Momentan haben wir 4 CS:Go Teams. 

Natürlich haben wir auch Spieler die Hunt:Showdown, Escape from Tarkov und Battlefield 4 zu spielen. 

Founded : 2017
Website : http://www.goashax.at
Nation(s) : Austria Austria
Germany Germany
Switzerland Switzerland
Game(s) : Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Team(s) :
Counter Strike : Global Offensive GoasHax Austria   Legendary Eagle Master
Sponsor(s) : Betonschneider Lang GmbH


Willkommen bei der GHax Open Communty!

For anyone who is a fan and / or would like to help out, just join the group and set the ClanTag :)

GoasHax is a multigaming clan!
Currently we have 4 CS:Go teams.
And yes we are looking for some teams in other games too, just write "ripper.at" or send an e-mail to goashaxat@gmail.com

CS:GO Austria Main:
Quetschi (TeamLeader)
SMP (Rifler)
MikeSnupi (IGL)
Scratch (AWP)
Delta|Rex (Rifler)
Calvin (Stand-In)

CS:GO Algeria White
krumpzeNy (Rifler) (Entryfragger)
MvRiK (Cptn. IGL)
.Wailoo (Rifler)
ShuuU_ (Rifler)
Medic (Rifler)

CS:GO Algeria Green:
Mikelelee (AWP)
LDT (Rifler/AWP)
EdeN -A- (Rifler)
Zer0xs (Rifler)
Ayman_CS (6th-Entry)

CS:GO Vienna:
jAlex (IGL)
Miha (Rifler)
SiNeX (Rifler)
Pav (Rifler)
Bi_rD (Stand-In)

Escape From Tarkov:


Ripper.at (Mann für Alles)


99Damage Season 14 - GHaxAustria Div. 4.9: 7th
99Damage Season 14 - GHaxVienna Div. 5.19: 3th
AlpenScene Season 4 GHaxVienna: 1st
AlpenScene Season 4:GHaxAustria: 5th
R6: Siege (PC) 5on5 Open Cup #76 Hungary 1.(Hungary R6S)
R6: Siege (PC) 5on5 Bomb Swiss Open Cup #411 Europe 2. (Hungary R6S)
R6: Siege (PC) 5on5 Bomb Swiss Open Cup #415 Europe 6. (Hungary R6S)
Go4R6 (PC) Europe Cup #192 6. (Hungary R6S)
R6: Siege (PC) 5on5 Bomb Open Cup #390 Europe 3. (Hungary R6S)
MondoCon 2019 Fall R6S Cup - Playoff 5. (Hungary R6S)
II. GamingIsFun Rainbow Six: Siege PC Cup 4. (Hungary R6S)
ESEA Open League 240 (Algeria White)
VulkanLan 13.(Austria)
CEVO Amateure Liga Rang 49 (Austria)
99Damage S6. Starter Platz 4. (Austria)
99Damage S7. Div. 5 Platz 5. (Austria)
99Damage S12. Div. 4 Platz 5. (Austria)

We have a Public TeamSpeak³ server:
A homepage:

We are not only TeamMates, we are Friends!
That's our motto.

We play everything with everyone.

Do you want to become a part?
Write us at "goashaxat@gmail.com" or join us on our TS and game!

| Attention, tendency to MultiGaming! |

If you have a team and are looking for an organization that will help you get the servers up and running, do not worry. Write us!

If you want to become a streamer, of course for the fun of playing, then write us. We help where we can. We have several streamer that you like to help!

GoasHax Seeks everyone who is motivated and wants to help build us up and get bigger!

Kind regards
the GoasHax Team!
Since 2017!

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