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Counter Strike Global Offensive

Counter Strike Global Offensive Clan is a US-based community who play a variety of games including CSGO regularly. We are looking for players who wish to interact with people who play the same games

Founded : 2015
Website : https://colossalcheats.com/
Game(s) : Counter Strike : Global Offensive


Counter-Strike has been on the top of charts ever since it debuted on the scene. The game has had a number of players than any other so far. The fan following of the game has just been increased by the day. All this, though means good publicity and money for the studio, also translates into stiffer competition for the players that put in hours into this game.

It is for this reason that CSGO hacks such as ColossalCheats are as popular on the internet as they are. There is a difference between the game Counter Strike and CSGO. The latter is the FPS based game that does not have a very definitive storyline but follows the mission-based gameplay of the game that has made it so very popular.

If you want to, you can team up with your friends to take on different missions. Thus, all these features have made it into a favorite pastime for the players that are looking for a few hours of entertainment in their daily busy schedule.

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