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Greenline Gaming
Founded : 2016
Website : https://greenlinegaming.ca
Nation(s) : Canada Canada
United States United States
Game(s) : Counter Strike : Global Offensive
Sponsor(s) : Aporia Customs, Rogue Energy


Greenline Gaming is an eSports organization that currently sponsors a Fortnite team and owns a CSGO team. We are currently clearing our CSGO roster and picking up new players and teams.


Some benefits we give to our players are:


- Discounts on merchandise

- ESEA and all LAN and event cost coverage

- Quick and easy communication between players and the organization


If you are a streamer with over 2k followers and apart of the affiliate program you will also receive a streamer starter pack that includes:


1 T-shirt

1 Sweater

1 Jersey 

1 Hat

2 Stickers


To feature on your stream.


If you are interested please send me an email and feel free to join our discord! 



Greenline Gaming

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