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Hidden eSports

Hidden is a newly founded and started eSports organisation. Currently we have two cs:go teams, and well on our way to have both a League of Legends team, and an Overwatch team! We now seek help from sponsors to give us the extra

Founded : 2018
Website : http://hidden.esportsify.com/
Nation(s) : Sweden Sweden
Norway Norway
Lithuania Lithuania
Poland Poland
Denmark Denmark
Russia Russia
United Kingdom United Kingdom
United States United States
Game(s) : Counter Strike : Global Offensive League of Legends
Team(s) :
Counter Strike : Global Offensive Hidden   The Global Elite
Counter Strike : Global Offensive Hidden Lit   The Global Elite
League of Legends Hidden lol   Gold


Hidden is a newly started eSport organisation that will strive to become the best organisation that we can be. It all started with a group of friends playing Counter Strike. This group will now do our utmost to make gaming and esports a bigger thing. Therefore, we have managed to acquire 10 individuals that makes up two great cs:go teams.These teams are practicing and competing at a high level, and even though they were newly put together we can see great things to come! We are also trying to expand into league of Legends and Overwatch, and we are already in contact with multiple players!


Please contact us on:

Twitter: @WeLiveHidden
eMail: welivehidden@gmail.com

Or on this website :)

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