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Moribund Esports


Founded : 2018
Website : http://moribundesports.com/
Nation(s) : Canada Canada
United States United States
Game(s) : Counter Strike : Global Offensive League of Legends Dota 2 Heroes of the storm
Team(s) :
Counter Strike : Global Offensive Moribund CS:GO   The Global Elite
Sponsor(s) : N/A


Moribund Esports is a multi-game electronic sport (or esports) organization that focuses on providing a brand for esports professionals to play under.  The intention of the organization is to not only create a brand for players to play under, but to provide legal security, management, and all benefits that a player can expect to ensure that they only need to worry about perfecting their game.

Founded in 2015 initially, Moribund Esports took on 3 rosters at the time, including two Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams and a DotA2 team.  In a short-lived period of about nine months, those teams went from essentially nothing, to making placements in tournaments they had not before dreamed of.  In that nine-month timeframe, the primary Counter-Strike team managed a top 10 placing in the CEVO Intermediate league, while the DotA2 team played two seasons of the Amateur DotA2 League, placing 4th and 2nd respectively.

Since then, the organization has stagnated due to a shift in priorities with the management team, however as of 2018, they are back and ready to bring Moribund to its feet again during a time where esports is at an all-time peak.

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