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Visiones Gaming

We are looking for eSport teams!

Founded : 2012
Website : http://www.visiones-gaming.com
Nation(s) : Germany Germany
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Austria Austria
Finland Finland
Sweden Sweden
Spain Spain
Game(s) : Counter Strike : Global Offensive League of Legends Dota 2 Heroes of the storm
Sponsor(s) : heyda.biz


We are looking for CSGO & LOL eSports Teams at the moment.
Visiones got created 2012 and since then we adapt alot and made some great major changes in our community. Right now we count over 250 members and still want to grow. We also want to join the eSports more thierfore we are looking for some teams. 

If you are interrested and want some more informations you can take a look on our website. 

One thing for sure we support our teams as much as we can to reach thier goal.

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